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Circular Fashion Online: How the Internet is Helping to Close the Loop on Fast Fashion

Second only to oil, the fashion industry is the largest industrial polluter in the world,  contributing to nearly 10% of GHG emissions and…

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Recent Deals – Covid-19 Plant Burgers, Micro-algae and Flying Cars, 30 March

Has Covid-19 had a negative impact on Cleantech Investment? There’s no doubt that many organizations are pulling back on investment in general ,…

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1000 Solutions, Solar Impulse Foundation

Faced with the Immense Challenge that we must Collectively Meet, Cities Must Imperatively be at the Heart of the Fight Against Climate Change.

I long believed that international institutions would succeed in overcoming resistance to change from certain large countries. Solving the climate crisis, I thought,…

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Agriculture & Food

Meat is sacred?

The chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change did the unthinkable this week. Rajendra Pachauri suggested people scale back on their consumption…