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Long-Duration Energy Storage: The Next Frontier or The Next Hype?

June 28, 2023

Once a constraint to deploying renewables, long-duration energy storage (LDES) technology is now ready to hit the market, unlocking unseen opportunities in clean energy supply and use. Technological breakthroughs and business model innovation are making new forms of thermal energy, electrochemical, and mechanical energy storage a commercial reality.

Making the right decisions on which LDES technologies to engage or invest in requires knowing how to match solutions to scenarios and understanding the opportunities to mix and stack technologies for optimal business models.

Join this complimentary webinar from Cleantech Group’s Energy & Power team to learn more about:

  • Emerging innovation in mechanical, chemical, thermal storage, and flow batteries
  • Long-duration storage business models
  • The role of lithium-ion batteries in energy storage
  • Uncommercialized LDES technologies that will comprise the next generation of solutions

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