Recent Deals – 14 November 2023

Algae-derived polyol; zero-waste metal manufacturing; energy efficient industrial motors– Recent deals worth looking at: 


Agriculture & Food 

Bioomix  (2021) is a developer of microbial products for agriculture, food, health, and environmental applications aiming to reduce dependence on pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetic fertilizers.  

Bioomix raised $6.7M on November 7th in Seed funding.  

The funding will be put towards developing and manufacturing new microbial solutions for farmers. This investment will further Bioomix’s efforts to reduce agriculture’s environmental impact while addressing global security challenges as food demand increases with population growth.  

Energy & Power  

Infinitum Electric (2014) is a developer of energy efficient, sustainable electric motors for industrial use. Infinitum is credited with creating the sustainable air-core motor, which consumes less energy and is more reliable than traditional motors due to its modular design that incorporates a circuit board stator rather than a copper-wound iron core. 

On November 1st, Infinitum secured $185M in Growth Equity funding to expand operations and increase production capacity.  

Materials & Chemicals 

Algenesis Materials (2016) is a developer of a biodegradable polyol from algae oil. Algenesis’ unique Soleic® PU is available in soft foam applications including midsoles and insoles for footwear.  

Its successful Series A round raised $5M on November 9th to further develop the Soleic® product line. This funding will allow the company to expand this line into breathable waterproof textiles and injection-molded products like phone cases. 

Resources & Environment 

Princeton Nu Energy (2019) is a provider of second-life battery solutions and closed-loop lithium-ion battery recycling.  

On November 6th, Princeton Nu Energy raised $16M in Series A funding to construct a new recycling facility. The funding will also be used to procure new equipment, which would further increase processing capacity and strengthen company operations.  

Transportation & Logistics 

Volta (2018) is a manufacturer of two-wheeled electric vehicles and a provider of a battery replacement system. Volta’s EVs integrate IoT capabilities with a mobile app that allows users to monitor their Volta vehicle’s battery capacity in real time. 

Volta raised $35M Seed funding on November 7th to further develop electric mopeds and battery swapping infrastructure in Indonesia.  


Enabling Technologies 

TVARIT (2019) is a developer of industrial artificial intelligence to support zero waste metal manufacturing. TVARIT helps metal companies reduce manufacturing scrap and energy losses through its efforts.  

TVARIT’s Series A funding round on October 31st raised $6.9M that will be put towards accelerating zero-waste metal manufacturing as well as drive internationalization.