Recent Deals – 17 October 2023

Sustainable packaging derived from seaweed; reusable spacecrafts, an all-electric seaglider – Recent deals worth looking at:


Agriculture & Food

Umiami (2019) is a developer of plant-based protein products, focused on whole cuts and is known for their unique protein texturing technology called Umisation.

Umiami’s additional Series A funding round raised $34M by October 3rd.

The extension to Umiami’s previous April 2022’s Series A funding of $30M will continue increasing industrial production capacity to bring products to markets.

Energy & Power

Perch Energy (2022) is a developer of a community solar services and a management platform.

On October 11th, Perch secured $30M in funding to further develop its clean energy tech platform, accelerate expansion into new sales channels, products, and community solar markets. Additionally, Perch Energy intends to use the funding to scale operations, expand customer service capabilities, grow their team, and secure strategic partnerships.

Materials & Chemicals

FlexSea (2015) is a developer of novel biomaterials derived from renewable marine resources to replace plastic packaging. Through its technology, FlexSea aims to replace traditional petroleum plastic film with an innovative natural material derived from seaweed. The sustainable packaging material is edible, as well as degradable in marine, soil, and home-composting environments.

On October 9th, FlexSea raised $3M in a combination of seed funding and grants to expand its operations and business reach.

Resources & Environment

Pickle (2021) is a provider of a peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace.

On October 11th, Pickle successfully raised $8M in seed funding that will be used accelerate growth and expand headcount. The funding will also be used to enter additional U.S. markets outside the company’s base in New York and expand into new categories of rentals.

Transportation & Logistics

Regentcraft (2018) is a developer of an all-electric seaglider.

The company raised $60M in Series A funding on October 8th to accelerate its full-scale prototype build and test program with a crewed flight in 2024. With this funding, Regentcraft also aims to certify, manufacture, and deliver its seagliders to customers by mid-decade.

Enabling Technologies

Stoke Space (2019) is a developer of reusable space rockets for earth observations and other commercial applications.

Stoke Space’s Series B funding round on October 5th raised $100M in funding that will be used to further develop its rocket, Nova. It will also be put towards construction at Launch Complex 14 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Stoke Space works towards designing space vehicles to be reused rapidly and operate with aircraft-like frequency.