Recent Deals – 23 April 2024

Engineered alternatives to spider silk, carbon tracking and emission monitoring, hydrogen refuelling stations, and waste commerce tracking: Find Recent Deals worth looking at here.

Agriculture & Food 

Windfall Bio (2022) develops microbial technology that captures methane emissions and nitrogen to produce biofertilizer. Their technology utilizes methane-eating microbes known as mems that also improve soil health, enable emissions reporting, and improve resource efficiency.  

On April 8th, Windfall Bio raised $28M in Series A funding from Prelude Ventures, Incite Ventures, Positive Ventures, Norinchukin Innovation Fund, Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, B37 Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mayfield Fund, UNTITLED and Global Brain.  

The new capital will enable Windfall Bio to support its commercial pipeline through expanding pilot deployments across methane intensive industries including agriculture, oil and gas, and waste management. Windfall Bio also looks to invest resources to continue building out its team, manufacturing capacity and supply chain to meet growing global customer demand. 

Energy & Power  

Nexamp (2007) provides solar energy solutions from project development through financing, construction, and operation.   

Nexamp’s April 10th Growth Equity round raised $520M in funding from Manulife Investment Management with existing investors Diamond Generating Corporation and Generate Capital. This round follows January’s announcement of Nexamp’s second national headquarters in Chicago.  

The funding round will expedite the deployment of its national project pipeline, accelerate expansion and develop partnerships in new and existing markets.  

Materials & Chemicals 

Spiber (2007) develops microbially fermented protein materials and synthetic spider silk, an alternative to petroleum-based materials. Their Brewed Protein was created using its proprietary technology platforms that enables the molecular engineering of nature-inspired protein-based polymers.  

On April 12th, Spiber raised $65.3M in Growth Equity funding from undisclosed investors, including investments from existing shareholders.  

This funding round will support accelerated mass production of its Brewed Protein materials and to facilitate global sales. To meet the demand of its growing customer base, Spiber looks to strengthen its production system and R&D platform.  

Resources & Environmental Management 

Cozero (2020) develops a carbon tracking and engagement platform and API for businesses to monitor their emissions and action marketplace for sustainable investments and offsets. Their technology enables companies to better measure and manage Scope 1-3 emissions to meet sustainability regulatory reporting requirements. 

Cozero’s April 16th Series A round raised $6.9M from Kvanted Ventures, ENV, and NewAlpha Asset Management, as well as angel investors Henrik Larsen, Gero Decker, Torben Schreiter, and Andre Chris.  

The investment will be used to facilitate the company’s international expansion and the development of its Climate ERP solution as well as to better integrate sustainability into business operations. Currently, Cozero has 375 million tonnes of CO2 Emissions under Management (EuM) and has enabled over 70 enterprise customers to align their business objectives with their climate goals.  

Transportation & Logistics 

HysetCo (2020) is a provider of hydrogen refuelling stations and fleet transition services. Additionally, HysetCo provides a comprehensive turnkey solution that incorporates services related to vehicle procurement, maintenance, repair, insurance, and training.  

HysetCo Tech raised a $213M Series A round on April 10th from HY24, Air Liquide, TotalEnergies, Toyota, Raise Impact, Kouros Investment, and Eiffel Investment Group.  

The funding round will accelerate deployment of integrated hydrogen mobility solutions for urban transport. HysetCo currently distributes 30 tonnes of hydrogen monthly to over 500 customers, the majority of which are taxi drivers.  

Waste and Recycling  

Recykal (2016) is a developer of a waste-commerce platform to connect and aggregate informal waste pickers, collectors, recyclers, and generators to facilitate transparent and traceable material flows and transactions.   

On April 10th, Recykal raised $13.2M in Series A funding from 360 ONE Asset Management. This follows the company’s $22M Seed round in 2022, bringing total funding up to $35M.  

The investment was raised in a Category II scheme managed by 360 ONE Asset Management to further develop their technology, products and solutions as they move into their next phase of growth. Additionally, Shayam Powar will join Recykal’s board.  

Enabling Technologies 

Vyoma (2020) is a developer of a satellite-based observation system with ML algorithms to catalog and identify space debris. Their technology is designed to monitor space objects ranging from space debris to satellites-across orbits, operating and collecting data continuously to support predictive analytics and high-precision spatial mapping. 

Vyoma raised $5.37M in a Seed funding round from the European Investment Fund (EIF) on April 11th. The investment was made through the InvestEU programme.  

The additional funding will develop Vyoma’s technology, facilitate the commercial use of data derived from its satellites, and expand its engineering team to support this development. To do so, the company will use the funding to further expand its engineering team.  

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