Custom Research

From investment landscapes to benchmarking studies, company reports to sectoral studies, CTG’s analysts selectively take on customized research where it builds on our data, knowledge and connectivity to the international innovation ecosystem. Our Custom Research clients include corporate strategy, innovation and venture teams; investors; public sector clients at national and local levels; incubators and accelerators; and nonprofit organizations.


Our advantage comes from our extensive network and experienced analysts who draw on secondary research, leverage our proprietary in-house data via our i3 platform, and – most importantly – reach out to people and talk to them about what is going on at companies and organizations all across the ecosystem.

Custom Research

Market landscaping

Analysis of industry value chains, ecosystems, key business activities, market drivers challenges, key trends, sources of innovation, and regional hotspots.

Competitive landscaping

Identification of current competitors, competitive forces, and potential future competitors in targeted business segments.

Innovation PRogram Design

Building innovation programs starting with organizational strategic goals, and leveraging primary and secondary research to identify best practices, key metrics, program content, and partners/sponsors to optimize program structure and execution.

Partner Identification

Starting with understanding of needs, gaps, and long term strategic goals, partner identification requires a broad network, deep knowledge and collaboration to filter through a long list of potential priorities to a short-list of actionable priorities.

Scouting Services

Development of a tailored investment scouting process, including creating long lists of potential investment opportunities, and narrowing down focus via initial primary interviews with high-potential investment prospects.

Consulting Services

Our EnovationLogo ModBlueparent company, Enovation Partners, provides management consulting services that build upon CTG’s custom research scope. For clients seeking strategy, implementation, and organization structure advisory services in addition to CTG’s industry analysis, Enovation Partners deliver value through comprehensive solutions to our clients’ key challenges. Learn more at

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