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Smart Grid: Powering a Decarbonized Future Together

Join us online for Smart Grid: Powering a Decarbonized Future Together on Tuesday 23 November at 10.00 a.m. CET (Central European Time). If you’re a start-up, corporate or cleantech investor you can:

  • Connect to a new partner with the investment remit or technology that can accelerate your progress
  • Meet companies developing technical and commercial solutions and the corporates ready to invest in them.
  • Gain expert insight on the future of energy.

If your goals are enhanced knowledge and cross-border collaboration that deliver decarbonization, register now.

Planned Sessions

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Plenary: Challenges for Powering a Decarbonized Smart Grid

In the coming decade, integrating more volatile renewables into the electrical grid will present challenges. Nothing less than creative thinking and transformative ideas from innovators, incumbents and governments will get us to our goals. This plenary session will outline what a future smart grid will look like and assess the technical, market and regulatory challenges in decarbonizing the electrical grid.

Showcase: Meet the Smart Grid Innovators Transforming our Planet

The innovation showcase will feature  start-up and growth-stage companies poised to address the major challenges presented by electricity grids today. Expect Q&A from investors and corporates.

Roundtable 1: Managing Data Integration and Accessibility within Smart Grids

How can we manage increasing volumes of data to maximise value within the smart grid? From security to monitoring, we’ll explore the challenges associated with smart grid data and how stakeholders can best approach data handling as we transition to decentralised energy networks.

Roundtable 2: From Local to National, What are the Emerging Business Models for Energy Flexibility?

This discussion will dive into the grid flexibility business models arising from the transition away from a siloed energy model. From local flexibility models including community microgrids and peer-to-peer trading to national flexibility marketplaces, which models are likely to take center stage, and what is the role of traditional grid stakeholder in these new frameworks?

Roundtable 3: How do We Solve for an Increasingly Volatile Grid?

We’ll assess the solutions for dealing with the volatility, harmonization and system strain issues electricity grids with high renewable penetration will face this decade. From seasonal storage to virtual power plants, how can new technology assist with this transition and what challenges need to be overcome if countries wish to reach their renewable integration targets?

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In addition to promoting the use of renewable energy sources, one of the main strategies of Austria’s energy policy is to reduce the demand for energy, through sound use of energy and by improving the efficiency with which energy is employed.

We maintain and develop relations between the UK and Sweden. The British Embassy in Stockholm provides services to British nationals living in and visiting Sweden.Our work covers a range of issues including political and economics.

The Swedish Energy Agency is leading society’s transition to a sustainable energy system.We contribute with facts, knowledge, and analysis of supply and use of energy in the society, as well as work towards security of energy supply.

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