Live Event: 10 March 4:00-6:00 p.m. at Hotel Nikko San Francisco

Carbon Removal, Markets and Offsets: Net Zero Strategy or Greenwashing?

In 2021, we saw over $1.6 billion invested in start-ups and scale-ups dedicated to carbon offsets. But that doesn’t mean the market isn’t plagued with questions of accountability, validation and transparency that some say equate to greenwashing. By contrast, many corporates are banking on offsets to achieve their sustainability goals with some claiming to have already arrived at net zero.

Join us  on 10 March from 4:00 -6:00 pm at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco as we assess the carbon removal and offset market. In addition to expert insight, we’ll introduce you to the innovators solving critical problems and showcase the  innovations determined to transform the path we take to a net-zero future.

Everyone who attends this event should be vaccinated.  Mask wearing is optional. 



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Mark Cupta, Managing Director, Prelude Ventures

Mark joined Prelude Ventures in 2013.  He serves on the board of directors for Arable Labs, Boston Metal, Citrine Informatics, Holo, Quaise, Renew Financial, Verdox, and Zapata Computing, and he actively manages the firm’s investments in Atom Computing, Climax Foods, CoverCress, Fortify, Heirloom, Mori, Pivot Bio, polySpectra, and Unspun.  His former investments include Benson Hill (NYSE: BHIL), GreenLight Biosciences (NASDAQ: GRNA), Planet Labs (NYSE: PL), and Zymergen (NASDAQ: ZY).

image of James Richard, CEO, Evergrow as speaker

James Richards, CEO, Evergrow

James is the co-founder & CEO of Evergrow, a climate fintech start-up in San Francisco. Evergrow’s vision is to unlock project finance for decarbonization by providing long-term price guarantees for carbon commodities. James is also an investor in over 35 startups and serves on the board of Kanin Energy, a decarbonization developer. Before starting Evergrow, James spent several years at TriNet, a publicly traded HR company, which he joined when TriNet acquired his first start-up. James is from Indonesia and started his career as a corporate finance lawyer in New York.

Image of Maddie-Hall-CEO-and-Co-Founder-Carbon-Living as our speaker

Maddie Hall CEO and Co-Founder Living Carbon

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