Recent Deals – 4 June 2024

Real-time water management software, animal feed derived from mycoproteins, and depolymerized textile production: Recent Deals worth looking at 


Agriculture & Food 

Enifer (2019) is a developer of mycoprotein-derived food and animal feed products. Currently, the company’s core product, a protein and fiber rich powder, is tailored to pet food and aquaculture applications.  

On May 23rd, Enifer raised $16.2M in Series B funding from Taaleri Bioindustry, Nordic Foodtech VC, Voima Ventures and Valio. This round accompanied a $9.8M combined loan from Finnish Climate Fund and Finnvera, resulting in $26M raised in total.  

The combined capital will be put towards funding its first industrial-scale production facility. They intend to run two to three different raw materials, including lactose permeate, to eventually switch to human food applications by 2028.  

Energy & Power 

Reactive Technologies (2010) provides unique measurement and analytics services for grid operators, an optimization platform for businesses, and an Enhanced Power Purchase Agreement for renewable generators. Its GridMetrix® technology measures grid inertia and other functions with 95% accuracy.  

Reactive Technologies raised $31.4M in Growth Equity funding from M&G Investments, BGF, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures. M&G’s participation comes from Catalyst, their purpose-led private assets strategy supporting companies tackling environmental and social challenges.   

The round will be put towards global expansion initiatives and team growth globally as renewables penetration increases. Prior to the round, Reactive Technologies successfully entered the U.S. market through a large-scale collaboration with multiple entities in New York.  

Materials & Chemicals 

Claros Technologies (2018) is a developer of advanced materials including water sorbents and functional textiles. Their PFAS contamination solution permanently destroys all types of PFAS (long, short and ultrashort chain perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substance or “forever chemicals”).  

Claros Technologies’ May 28th Growth Equity round raised $22M from Ecosystem Integrity Fund, American Century Investments, Capita3, Children’s Minnesota, Kureha America, Open Door Foundation, and F. R. Bigelow Foundation.  

The funding will be used to continue scaling the research, development and market penetration of its UV-photochemical PFAS destruction technologies, its durable anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB bio-based functional materials technologies and its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 analytical laboratory. 

Resources & Environmental Management 

KETOS (2015) provides real-time analytics through a hardware and software solution for water management. Their software makes use of machine learning and predictive technology to measure parts per billion specific and standardized water metrics.  

KETOS’s raised $10M in Growth Equity funding on May 21st from Tenfore Holdings, Danu Partners, Broadway Angels, Plug & Play Ventures, Plum Alley Investments, and Accenture. Accenture also serves as a strategic resale partner to KETOS. 

KETOS intends to use the funds to advance its go-to-market strategy and expand its presence across the nine countries it operates in. Furthermore, the capital will also bolster KETOS’ research and development focusing on addressing PFAS issues in the market. 

Transportation & Logistics 

Cargobeamer (2003) is a provider of railcars, handling terminals and logistics software. Their CargoBeamer system enables especially non-craneable semi-trailers to be transported by rail, resulting in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. 

On May 22nd, Cargobeamer secured $151.9M in Series B funding from German Federal Railway Authority, Swiss Federal Office of Transport, Nordwind Ventures and other undisclosed private investors.   

The investment will be directed towards the construction of innovative freight terminals in Germany and Italy. These terminals will handle all types of semi-trailers and facilitate the company’s expansion in Europe.  

Waste and Recycling  

Syre (2022) is a producer of textiles using textile-to-textile depolymerization. Its energy efficient and scalable solution renders circular polyester on par with virgin polyester in terms of quality through transforming consumer waste into circular polyester.  

Syre raised $59.8M in Series A funding on May 23rd from Giant Ventures, IMAS Foundation, Norrsken VC, Volvo Cars Technology Fund, and TPG Rise Climate.  

Through this funding, Syre will be able to acquire the patented technology for their textile-to-textile recycling solution developed by Premirr for past nine years. The funding will also be put towards realizing its blueprint gigascale textile-to-textile recycling plant in the U.S., which they aim to begin construction on in 2025.  



July 10, 2024 10:00 AM EST | 7:00 AM PST | 3:00 PM GMT

In a world that needs to decarbonize twelve times faster to reach climate goals, cleantech ecosystems and clusters are the new engines of sustainable growth. As hotspots of entrepreneurship, demand activators and magnets of investment, they catalyze the cleantech transition at speed and scale. When effectively orchestrated, they can move the innovation industry forward: businesses grow 20% faster, create more jobs and bring more innovation to market.

This webinar will explore the landscape of global cleantech ecosystems and how they create shared value, including:

  • An overview of the power of ecosystems and how they operate at city, regional, national and transnational levels

  • Five practical tools for how to turn ecosystems into hotspots for entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development

  • Key insights on how to create a robust cluster model to drive cleantech innovation faster