Report Launch @COP23 Global Cleantech Innovation Programme Country Innovation Profiles 2017

Chris Sworder
Report Launch @ COP23 Bonn: The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017 – Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) Country Innovation Profiles As part of our Global Cleantech Innovation Index programme this year, Cleantech Group took a closer look at 8 countries that are participating in the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP). The programme, an initiative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is conducted in Armenia, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.... Read More »

Transactive Energy: The next step for the digital grid?

Ken-Ichi Hino
Definitions of transactive energy (TE) can be deceptively bland. The GridWise Architecture Council defines it as “the use of a combination of economic and control techniques to improve grid reliability and efficiency.” The Transactive Energy Association is more specific: “Transactive Energy engages customers and suppliers as participants in decentralized markets for energy transactions.” Seems like a good idea and something that should happen, but not all that revolutionary at first glance. That said, first glances can be deceiving because TE... Read More »

Keep Calm and Carry On: A very British response to Trump’s withdrawal?

Richard Youngman
When President Trump was elected last November, and again when he was inaugurated in January, I found lots of people wondering and asking out loud how detrimental would this seemingly anti-climate change, pro-fossil fuel President be to the more positive momentum the sustainable innovation world has been feeling of late. Such momentum was built on improving economics and market dynamics for the solution set, built on improving technology and lessons learned from the “gold rush” mentality of cleantech 1.0. The... Read More »

Renewable Energy Down Under: Where solar-plus-storage and utilities become good friends?

Josh Gilbert
In case you hadn’t heard, changes are afoot in our energy system. With previously preventative price points now falling rapidly, are we now seeing an opportunity for an accompanying change in the pricing of our energy? As production ramps up, the energy storage systems required to firm intermittent renewable power are beginning to become financially viable. Smart inverters and corresponding software are combining with solar-plus-storage systems to enable truly democratized energy. To this point, customers in many geographies are already... Read More »

The Oil Price Collapse Forces Innovation Prioritization and Focus

Ben Brown
Background In the first week of 2015, West Texas Intermediate - the US crude oil benchmark - dipped below $50 per barrel for the first time in more than five and half years, extending its slide of more than 50% in just six months. New types of resources, such as to Norway’s deep offshore, North America’s tight shale, Canada’s oil sands, and even arctic reserves that are more expensive to develop and extract have been the focus of new development... Read More »

What do the EPA’s proposed new rules mean for cleantech?

Sheeraz Haji
You’ve most likely heard the big news: on Monday of this week, the US EPA proposed new rules to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. Since the EPA is using the Clean Air Act—specifically Section 111(d)—as its framework for the proposed regulations, it’s no surprise that these rules focus on a specific pollutant (CO2) emitted by facilities already in operation. In an interesting twist, however, the rules give states significant latitude to figure out how they will reduce... Read More »

#techbuild: Buildings+Users Getting Smarter – San Francisco DOE

Natalie Volpe
On January 21-22, Cleantech Group is hosting -- in San Francisco -- the “Buildings Get a Brain” senior executive summit on the future of intelligent commercial buildings. In the lead up to the summit, Cleantech Group is chatting with leaders across the commercial real estate space to learn more about what the rise of building innovation means for start-ups, corporates, investors, buildings, and tenants. Click here to learn more about Buildings Get a Brain and request an invite. Rich Chien,... Read More »

The Impact of Government Grants in the Clean Energy Sector

Sabrina Howell
Key takeaway: In a research project, I[1] am relying on i3 data to understand the impact of Department of Energy grants to cleantech startups. This research, and accompanying report, should be completed towards the end of 2014.    In the clean tech world, everyone has a different opinion about what role, if any, government should play in energy innovation. Regardless, the fact on the ground is that the government has invested significant sums in university research, new energy technology procurement, and... Read More »

EPA Proposed RFS Changes + Impact on VC Investments and Partnerships

Leo Zhang
In November 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a volumetric reduction proposal for renewable fuels under the agency’s Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) for 2014.  Specifically, EPA has proposed to reduce the mandate for cellulosic biofuel from 1.75 billion gallons to 17 million gallons. The agency cited two main reasons for the drastic reduction for 2014 (click here to view EPA’s official announcement): Limitations in the volume of ethanol that can be blended into existing gasoline supply (currently capped... Read More »

Obama Executive Order: Triple Renewable Energy Usage

[originally posted on Mosaic's blog] President Obama used to campaign on his theme of hope and change.  Despite numerous political hurdles and geopolitical events that have diverted his attention since his 2008 election, it can proudly be said that the president has taken another step towards bringing about positive change. In his second State of the Union address, President Obama lifted the hearts of environmentally-conscious people everywhere with his bold statement “For the sake of our children and our future,... Read More »