Turning tide for ocean power: Is marine energy coming of age?

Jonathan Koch
Ocean energy still has a long voyage before reaching the relative level of investment and maturity of other renewables, but recent activities in the sector are hinting at promising developments and breakthroughs in the coming years. Below is a quick overview of what we’re seeing in terms of trends, innovators, and partnerships, but for a closer look at this space, please do get in touch with us at research@cleantech.com. There are at least four different technologies to harness the energy... Read More »

Technological edge means business: why we’re adding patents to i3

Jules Besnainou
Each investor, innovation executive or business unit manager has their unique process to discover and evaluate companies in a technology area. However, they all share one key criterion to set companies apart: technological edge and the ability to protect it. With that in mind, we have been hard at work on a feature that would allow you to easily navigate a company's IP portfolio. And it is now ready! Here's what we just launched on i3 Connect: A tile showing US and... Read More »

The Rising Tide of Hydro & Marine Power

Thomas Schmitt
When you hear the words “Renewable Energy,” it’s usually solar panels and windmills that come to mind.  Others imagine hydroelectric and biofuels.  And some who really know the sector might think of geothermal or waste-to-energy plants as well.  Not many think of marine power.  Why is that?  Probably because whatever marine energy technologies and projects that are out there haven’t yet reached commercial success.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no real movement on that front.  A quick look at Cleantech... Read More »