31 July: Cleantech Forum Europe and Covid 19

We wish you and yours a safe and healthy summer. Before we know it, autumn will be here and then December. We want you to know we are doing everything we can to plan for Cleantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg, our first-ever festive event.

But we’re living through exceptional times. We hope you agree that there’s still cause for optimism and good reasons for planning to attend our European forum:

  • Buy your ticket at the best price and rest assured of a refund if we are not able to host Cleantech Forum Europe in December. See our amended Terms & Conditions on the Registration page
  • At no added cost, you can become a member of Cleantech Interactive, a series of ground-breaking online events that introduce you to the innovators, investors and corporate change makers defining sustainability. Each edition takes on the changing investment landscape and a big idea. Past events explored resilience, nature-based solutions and hydrogen. In September we explore The Road to Circularity. Find out what makes Cleantech Interactive so valuable.

Stay safe and we will keep you updated.

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How will disruption and transformation impact you? Build powerful new alliances at Cleantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg on 7-9th of December.

Since 2002, we’ve brought together global investors, innovators, corporates and change makers looking for answers to the biggest question: who will lead the transformation we’re all waiting for?

We’ll let our community tell you what makes Cleantech Forum Europe invaluable.

Reasons to attend Cleantech Forum Europe Sandra TrittenCleantech Forum Europe is a conference where you exchange in an interactive way on the latest topics with all different kinds of stakeholders relevant to our ecological and environmental future. It is a unique opportunity you can only get there.”

-Sandra Trittin, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development & Marketing, tiko Energy Solutions



“For me, the Cleantech Forum remains a unique opportunity to meet with the most significant and active investors in clean energy and environmental technologies in Europe, partake in conversations that inform new investment directions and create opportunities to work with peers in supporting new companies together. the Forum’s uniqueness resides in its ability to bring together the whole industry for a couple of days and create the opportunities for co-investment in portfolio companies”                                                             

                                                        -Julien Mialaret, Operating Partner, Idinvest Partners

Reasons to attend CLeantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg fro Antoine Hubert


I was able to meet with several very interesting people, with good prospects of future business!”

-Antoine Hubert, CEO, Ynsect


Who Attends

You’ll interact with the people, companies and technologies building a decarbonized and resource efficient future.

Find out who attended last year

What to Expect

A wide range of sessions means you can choose the topics and formats that interest you most. Pursue your area or expertise or widen your horizons. Our agenda will cover all six of our industrial sectors.


Welcome to the 2020s: The Time to Lead

The 2020s brings the threat of chaos. Can Europe lead the revolution and transform its industries? Will it demonstrate that halving emissions while fostering prosperity is possible? This year’s European Forum agenda is developing around themes to prepare you for the 2020s:

Read more

Deep De-Carbonization

Halving our emissions requires deep cuts in the carbon intensity of our industries. Where are the low-hanging fruit and longer shots?


In every sector, circularity offers new opportunities. What is the potential scope and scale? Can we stop the make, use and dispose model?

Inspired by nature

More than ever, we’re turning to natural solutions to fight the climate crisis. Can we leverage soil, trees and biodiversity to create a climate-positive path?

Digital for Good

Edge connectivity, AI and digitization enable decentralization and optimization. But data demands energy. What role should digitization play in the 2020s?

Resilience and Urbanization

The climate crisis is pushing us toward adaptation. Cities face the brunt of the risk and depend on innovation for survival.

Financing the Transition

How will financing models and players evolve in the 2020s to scale innovation faster and achieve the transition we’re all waiting for?

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Please see here for update on COVID-19.

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Featured speakers

December 7, 2020

denotes Moderator
  • Pre-Registration
  • Registration
    Cleantech Tour of Luxembourg

    For the 12th year running, Cleantech Forum Europe will offer a pre-Forum opportunity to see some of the cleantech sights of our host city/area.

    Kirchberg: Sustainability Drives a Leading Business District

    Kirchberg is one of Luxembourg’s main business districts and home to several European institutions. Originally dominated by large business buildings, the area is now being transformed into a sustainable, welcoming neighbourhood where people live, work, shop and relax. The City of Luxembourg is reviewing the ratio between housing and offices, and the current number of around 6,000 inhabitants is eventually expected to grow to 25,000.

    The study visit will introduce you to the plans and concepts for the area’s sustainable development, showcase several buildings that are being built according to cradle-to-cradle principles and highlight the recent massive investments into innovative public transport solutions.

    You can reserve your place through the registration form.

    (Places will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis via the registration system, so we recommend registering early if you want to join!)

  • Executive Summit - Financing Sustainable Innovation in the 2020s (by invitation only)

    Globally, venture capital is seen as one of the main levers supporting innovative companies. However, there are areas where VC has shown weakness, especially when capital expenditures are high. As we enter a new decade of opportunities, we must take stock of new financing models and what they can bring to our space.

    In this session, innovation financiers of all types – venture capitalists, project financiers, corporations, family funds, impact investors, accelerators, universities and governments discuss how different financing models can work together to accelerate the rise of sustainable technology.

  • Foyer
    Registration & Opening of Cleantech Forum Europe
  • Main Conference Room
    Welcome to Luxembourg and Host City of our 16th Cleantech Forum Europe!

    Welcome to Luxembourg, the Host City of our 16th Cleantech Forum Europe! Our opening session begins with an introduction to the innovation, and venturing landscape of our host region to offer context for the next two days, give you an idea of the players to meet and companies to hear.

  • Foyer
    Welcome Reception

December 8, 2020

denotes Moderator
  • Foyer
    Registration & Welcome Coffee
  • Entrepreneur & Investor Speed Networking (pre-registration only)

    The Entrepreneur & Investor Speed Networking session will connect investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs via a facilitated ‘speed dating’ format. Entrepreneurs will have the chance to meet with multiple investors throughout the session. To be equitable for all participants, this session is designed as ‘blind’ for both the entrepreneur and investor/corporate. As you register for the event you will automatically be prompted by the question to participate if you are in applicable category. You will be asked to fill out some preferences which will be the basis of the matching.

    Limited seating, first come first served principal.

  • Main Conference Room
    Welcome to the 2020s: this will be no ordinary decade!

    Our opening morning plenary will include Cleantech Group’s annual lay of the land, incorporating the trends and organizations to keep an eye on, in the months and years ahead.

    Along with guest speakers, the opening session of the day will provide you with some key themes and things to look out for in the 2020s – including shifts to localization and circularity, Green Deals, and the potential for some big shifts (e.g. towards strategies of greater ambition and scale, towards differently-positioned investor mandates, and shifts of innovation capital towards Resilience and Adaptation)

  • Networking Break

    From this point, most of our programming takes place in parallel tracks so you have a wider variety of subjects to choose from.

  • Main Conference Room
    Closing the Loop on Electronics

    Electronic waste is increasing and polluting our ecosystems by leaching heavy metals. Can we use electronics for longer by repairing, refurbishing or remanufacturing to avoid disposal? Our session explores new technologies and business models facilitating circularity in electronics.

    Co-hosted by BNP

  • Interaction Track
    Meeting Room 2
    The Decade of the Energy Molecule

    Ammonia, methanol and hydrogen are now considered direct replacements for carbon-based fuels with the ability to decouple transport, heating and industrial processes from fossil fuels. This session explores how the 2020s could be the year of the energy molecule.

  • Foyet
    Networking Lunch
  • Lunch Session - VC Clinic for Investors and Start-Ups

    Whether you are an investor looking to deploy capital in Europe, or a company looking to raise money from investors, this legal clinic is for you. Three partners from leading international law firm Taylor Wessing will answer your questions on investing in Europe, VC terms, and any other topic you would like their advice on.

    Co-hosted by Taylor Wessing

  • Lunch Session - Early-Stage Industrial Innovation

    Co-hosted by Aderly

  • Room D
    Profitable Reforestation: a silver bullet for the 2020s?

    Forests are extraordinary carbon sinks, and have the potential to mitigate climate change and foster biodiversity. They are also becoming financially attractive. However, more and more forests are at risk of wildfires and monoculture. To what extent can resilient forests help us fight the climate crisis?

  • Main Conference Room
    Accelerating electrification in the last mile

    The last mile segment of mobility is highly polluting and creates congestion in cities. Innovative technologies, form factors and business models can solve many of these challenges. In this session, we’ll explore current solutions, promising innovations and how different players can help get these technologies to market as soon as possible.

    Co-hosted by InnoEnergy

  • Transition Break
  • Room D
    Traceability in the Energy Supply Chain

    Renewable energy certificates and guarantees of origin are nothing new, but corporate demand is increasing scrutiny in order to determine how green packaged renewable supply contracts really are. As a result, innovators are looking at certificate-tracking opportunities to make renewable energy more traceable, granular and easy to manage. Our session explores the technology and business models being developed and commercialized in Europe.

  • Main Conference Room
    Circularity Showcase
  • Networking Break
  • Main Conference Room
    Energy Showcase

    A showcase of companies looking to de-carbonize the energy space.

    Co-hosted by Encevo

  • Interaction Track
    Meeting Room 2
    From pipes to taps - building a successful digital water business

    As sensors, imaging and devices become cheaper, digital water is slowly but surely expanding from utility-scale leak detection to smart home water management. However, building a successful story in the digital water space can be challenging. This session will discuss how to go from lab to a successful business and investment case in the water space.

    Co-hosted by Agio Capital & Business Solutions

  • Transition Break
  • Main Conference Room
    Plenary Session
  • Downtime prior to Gala Dinner / Transportation of Guests to Neimënster Abbey
  • Neimënster Abbey
    The 16th Annual Cleantech Forum Reception, Dinner & Awards

    Join us for the 16th Cleantech Forum Europe Dinner and Awards at Neimënster Abbey. There will be drinks on arrival from 7:00pm, followed by a 7:30pm seated dinner, as well as the presentation of the 2020 European Cleantech Awards.

    Co-Hosted by Oraxys

    (Limited to 220 places – seats get reserved through the registration form on a first-come, first-served basis.)

December 9, 2020

denotes Moderator
  • Foyet
    Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • Main Conference Room
    Plenary Session
  • Transition Break
  • Room D
    Circular Batteries

    As more of us switch to electric vehicles, what will we do with growing number of end-of-life batteries? Demand for materials and the environmental impact of discarding batteries are forcing the market find solutions. In this session we explore how these solutions can be scaled over the next ten years.

  • Main Conference Room
    A Showcase of Digital for Good Companies
  • Networking Break
  • Main Conference Room
    Circular Carbon

    Carbon is used for the fuel, chemicals and products we use every day. And, since our main source of carbon is fossil fuels, it’s also the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Our session explores using alternative sources of carbon, including carbon from recycled materials or carbon capture, for displacement of fossil-based carbon and the potential for positive environmental impact.

    Co-Hosted by Capricorn Partners

  • Interaction Track
    Meeting Room 2
    Soil Wealth: regenerative agriculture and carbon markets

    Could the fastest way to solve climate change be paying farmers to sequester carbon by adopting regenerative agriculture practices? Offering farmers an additional revenue stream through a new markets also creates investment opportunities. What are the key challenges and opportunities in this market?

  • Networking Lunch
  • Lunch Session - SolarImpulse Foundation
  • Room D
    Decarbonizing Heavy Industry

    Industry is responsible for about 24% of all GHG emissions – more than transportation and almost as much as energy. Decarbonizing heavy industry won’t be easy, but it is possible. Europe has recently become a testing ground for industrial players piloting short-term and long-term decarbonization technologies. The session explores what pathways are most viable today and offer the biggest potential for impact.

  • Main Conference Room
    Indoor Farming: making cities food-resilient

    Greenhouse, sunless vertical and container farms are all finding profitable applications and use-cases. Will this help make cities more food-resilient?

  • Networking Break
  • Main Conference Room
    Corporates and Plastics: recycle or replace?

    The US, EU and China have all introduced legislation forcing corporates to assume Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for some of the plastic they produce. Corporates now face the choice of increasing plastic recycling or doing away with plastics altogether. This session explores this dichotomy, the coming regulatory changes and potential trade-offs for corporates.

  • Main Conference Room
    Closing Reception



Forum Venue – the Forum will be held at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL)

16th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony – the Dinner will be held at the Neumünster Abbey (max 220 seats available)

Hotel Accommodations – guidance on our special rate hotel at the Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg

How to Get to Luxembourg / the Venueinfo coming soon

Forum Venue

The 2020 Cleantech Forum Europe will be held at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) in Luxembourg. This modern venue is located on Luxembourg City’s Kirchberg plateau, within walking distance from a number of major European institutions.

European Convention Center Luxembourg | 4 Place de l’Europe | 1499 Luxembourg

16th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

The 16th Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony will take place at the Neumünster Abbey in the Marcel Jullian Agora. This inner courtyard of the Neumünster Abbey – a UNESCO World Heritage site – is covered with a glass canopy whose airy and contemporary architecture is in perfect harmony with the stone walls, vestiges of another era.

Due to this unique venue, there is a 220-seat maximum for the dinner. Seats will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registrants are more likely to receive a seat. 

Hotel Accommodations


Reserve your room at the official venue of Cleantech Forum Europe. Our special hotel block rate of €170/night will be available for the nights of May 17 – May 20, with limited availability May 15-16 and May 21-22 on request. Deadline to book is 1 May 2020.

  1. Follow the booking link.
  3. Click the SEARCH button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the SUPERIOR ROOM option. Choose the CLEANTECH GROUP pricing option with our negotiated rate.
  5. Click BOOK and fill in your personal information to confirm your reservation.



Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg
6 Rue du Fort Niedergruenewald
2226 Luxembourg





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    • If the Covid-19 situation forces us to cancel this December 2020 event (postponed from its original May dates), the following will apply:
      • If that cancellation happens with more than 2 months to go before the event, Cleantech Group will provide tickets holders with equivalent value, related to our 2021 events series, virtual and/or in person.
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