Cleantech Group’s i3 Platform Now Includes Revenue Data

Latest improvements to i3 also include an updated Oil & Gas taxonomy, as well as a dynamic mapping feature that helps users identify innovation clusters

San Francisco, CA – June 17, 2013 – Cleantech Group, a global market intelligence firm helping executives find, connect with, and embed innovation, today announced the release of revenue data in the i3 Platform, as well as an overhauled taxonomy and dynamic mapping feature. These improvements underscore the company’s commitment to maintaining i3’s position as the most current source for deals, trends, and insight into innovation, with data for over 20,000 companies across 18 sectors.

“Accurate revenue data on startups has historically been difficult for us to find, and has required a significant amount of time and effort to surface,” said Julien Creuzé, Senior Associate at Aster Capital. “This new feature will change that aspect of our work. It is a great addition to i3, which is already a key part of our company discovery efforts.”

Currently, close to 600 companies across all sectors and a range of geographies have revenue data associated with their i3 profiles. This number is expected to grow to approximately 1,000 data points by the end of June, with a goal of tripling that number by the end of 2013.

“The value of having revenue data that spans sectors and geographies is undeniable,” stated Sheeraz Haji, CEO of Cleantech Group. “Corporates and venture capitalists who are assessing investment and partnership opportunities will benefit from the ease of finding target companies that meet specific  criteria, including revenue. Similarly, entrepreneurs can generate more interest in their firms by proactively sharing their revenue data with prospective investors. There simply isn’t a better source than i3 for such current and insightful data.”

The revenue data originates from one of two sources: the companies themselves, or Cleantech Group’s Research team. Numerous top companies have already updated their own revenue ranges.

Entrepreneurs and cleantech companies in search of funding should update their profile with revenue data, or add their company to the i3 platform to be viewable by thousands of investors and corporate executives.

Other recent enhancements to the i3 platform include:

  • A mapping feature that helps users identify innovation clusters around the world for the 18 sectors covered;
  • A revamped Oil & Gas Innovation taxonomy, which gives subscribers a unique opportunity to drill down into this booming sector and discover technological nuggets; and
  • A new user interface, which allows users to efficiently pursue company discovery, thanks to improved accessibility to key features.

While these features are only available to subscribers, a subset of data has recently been made available in i3.

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