sonnen’s Acquisition by Shell New Energies Awarded European Deal of the Year

Stockholm, Sweden 22 May 2019

Cleantech Group has awarded sonnen the European Deal of the Year for its acquisition by Shell New Energies. The award recognizes the stand-out deal for the period from March 2018 to March 2019, considered not only for its financial characteristics, but also for the wider impact and what the deal says for the future of deal-making for clean technology companies and investors, and for the direction and future of sustainable innovation.

Richard Youngman, CEO of Cleantech Group and Christoph Ostermann, Co-founder and CEO of sonnen

The award highlights the growing need not only for resource innovation, but for innovative and powerful new alliances that can unlock markets and achieve the scale to transform the present into a de-carbonized and resource-efficient future.

Selecting sonnen

“There were other European deals this year which outperformed this on return on investment metrics, but the message of this award transcends finance”, said Richard Youngman, CEO Cleantech Group. “sonnen’s sale to Shell New Energies delivers a clear message – we’re all in this together. It speaks to the importance of embracing the future of unusual alliances, of big and small, of incumbent and innovators working together across different cultures, leveraging each other’s advantages.”

The award forms part of the series Cleantech Group has been running since 2002 to celebrate the achievements of companies, investors and individuals.

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