Senior Associate: Transport & Mobility

Cleantech Group is seeking an experienced analyst with deep understanding of how innovative technologies are disrupting transportation and mobility and making the industry more sustainable and resource efficient. As a Sector lead in our research team, you will be our resident expert on innovative companies, business models, trends, and market opportunities. You should be comfortable engaging in conversations with ecosystem stakeholders, sharing insights and learning.  You will be part of a global team who are on a mission to bring clients actionable insights and strategies to leverage innovation for sustainable growth. We are a small and global distributed team looking forward to expanding.

What you’ll do:
  • Lead research for the transportation, mobility, and logistics sectors. This research will involve engaging innovators, incumbents, investors and a diverse group of participants across the ecosystem to understand and analyze the role of innovation in a complex market evolving to become more sustainable.
  • Be a thought leader in transportation mobility – develop unique perspectives and represent company in related press discussions and at external conferences.
  • Qualitative analysis on global market drivers, challenges, opportunities, activity and trends. Topics include (but are not limited to) electrification, mobility services, logistics & supply chain, sustainable aviation, maritime shipping and hydrogen.
  • Develop, write and publish research insights. Research methodology includes primary interviews with industry stakeholders as well as secondary research.
  • As the subject matter expert, support the consulting team to develop strategies for energy utilities, energy majors, automakers, suppliers, institutional investors and governments to engage external innovation.
  • Collaborate with the business development team to help drive the new research and consulting business pipeline.
  • Build and cultivate a network of innovators, investors, corporates, and other key industry stakeholders. Be the external face of transportation & logistics knowledge at Cleantech Group, including responding to media inquiries and speaking at external events.
  • Regularly track industry activity and maintain data and taxonomy in our proprietary database. Work with product team to help maintain and improve our cleantech activity database.
  • Work collaboratively with other sector specialists and help manage junior analysts.
  • Help produce transportation-related content at Cleantech Group events. This includes choosing session topics, recruiting speakers, and moderating panel discussions.
Ideally, you will build on an existing base of transportation-specific experience and expertise and have:
  • A natural passion for and interest in  transportation and logistics innovation.
  • An ability to engage a wide variety of people and organizations in conversations about innovation, industry disruption and strategy.
  • Understanding of industry and incumbent dynamics – how leading companies need to adjust to a changing transportation landscape and what drives them to engage innovative solutions. Understanding of the challenges industry incumbents face as they follow their own net-zero strategies and adapt to disruption.
  • A passion to learn and engage with challenging questions.
As part of our team we expect you will also have
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working in subscription-based research, consulting, corporate strategy, a startup or other relevant experience.
  • Ability to deduce important trends, drivers, or challenges from secondary or primary research.
  • An interest in presenting research, both to clients and to external stakeholders.
  • Ability to synthesize data and insights into clear and concise written messages.
  • Ability to work under pressure on multiple workstreams while providing consistent quality work.
  • Ability to work autonomously while sticking to rigorous deadlines.
  • Most importantly, be a fun, kind, and trustworthy team-member to work alongside.

Location: U.S. Although this can be a remote position with some travel to events, meetings, etc., as required, you might be better positioned if you are near a relevant ecosystem to engage on a regular basis.

Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience, performance bonus, healthcare and benefits.

Please submit your CV and a cover letter to

Cleantech Group is committed to diversity in its workforce. Cleantech Group is an equal opportunity employer and ensures the promotion of equal opportunity for all persons employed or seeking employment, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability status.


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