Headline: A global energy company rethinks its approach to innovation sourcing

Challenge: Amid change in the broader business, a global energy company sought to reassess its strategy in external innovation sourcing and maximize the value of its corporate venture activities


Analyzed peer energy companies’ strategies and structures for innovation sourcing, including data-driven review of activities, resources, governance structures and portfolios

Trend analysis:

Drew out patterns in the development of peers’ approaches to innovation sourcing and articulated drivers and barriers to change

Strategic recommendations:

Synthesized industry benchmarking and internal interviews to develop a set of recommendations for CVC strategy, resources and governance

Internal alignment:

Supported innovation team in building case to senior leadership by providing data and external validation for recommendations

  • Recommended new vision for CVC and broader innovation activity
  • Materials developed provided evidence base in presentations to company board
  • Broader scope of external innovation was approved and CVC team was grown to address new technology areas

Headline: Veolia creates an Innovation Accelerator to drive growth and partnerships

Challenge: Building a world-class internal program for innovation sourcing and launch into the market in search of technology solutions

Capacity building:

Assessed internal organization, process, and tools needed to successfully manage innovation sourcing process

Opportunity identification:

Evaluated strategic gaps and piloted a set of technology sub-sectors for company sourcing


Launched the Veolia Innovation Accelerator in February 2010; monitored external press and feedback

Credible messaging:

Raised visibility in the cleantech sector and enabled successful partnerships with leading cleantech companies

Stakeholder engagement:

Organized a Silicon Valley road show introducing key executives to leading investors to strengthen Veolia’s innovation network

  • Secured a pipeline of 100 target companies for consideration
  • Announced five partnerships by May 2011 (including NanoH2O, Vantage Point, and SDTC)
  • Signed two new partnerships in first half of 2011 (ISD and Hara)

Headline: A diversified utility anchors its newly acquired renewable offerings with iconic commercial customers

Challenge: Making the leap from offering traditional renewable products to providing clean power solutions

Enhanced or expanded offerings:

Assessed and refined strategic value proposition of selling “clean energy” bundles and solutions, including renewables, energy efficiency, and customer branding support

Industry and market assessment:

Identified and prioritized over 100 new major commercial account targets by interest in renewables and influence in the market and local community

Integrated business processes:

Trained sales & marketing teams to articulate broader benefits of clean energy solutions to non-traditional energy buyers, such as commercial executives

Value chain engagement:

Leveraged Cleantech Group’s extensive network of commercial and industrial utility customers to facilitate introductions for business development and pilot new sales strategy

  • Initiated business development dialogue with 10 leading commercial prospects
  • Proposed 5-8 new clean energy solution bundles
  • Clear roadmap for current sales and marketing organization
  • Customizable collateral for consultative clean power sales

Headline: A European utility jumpstarts innovation sourcing in an underserved market

Challenge: Connect with new innovation partners to enhance customer offerings in service territories of Israel across six cleantech sectors

Industry and market assessment:

Conducted data-driven primary and secondary diligence to landscape Israeli cleantech ecosystem across wind, solar, energy efficiency, smart grid, energy storage, and water/wastewater

Regional cleantech database:

Identified, prioritizing, and profiled top five target Israel startups within each sector

New partnerships:

Identified key success factors for partnerships and facilitated meetings between EDF and selected leading innovators

  • Connection to diverse set of industry experts and innovators
  • Commitment to pursue Israel startup roadshow
  • Intent to help BUs expand strategic innovation partners